Releasing Stress for the Busy Business Woman    

Easily, in Minutes a Day….even if we’re in the middle of a pandemic!

You want to love your business and your life again, yes?! The most important aspect of having a successful business and a successful life is learning how to Release Your Stress.


If you’re not able to stay present, and keep a calm head when situations arise, you’ll needlessly end up working long hours so that quality time with your spouse or children suffers. The joy you felt in running your business fades away, and the dream projects you envisioned accomplishing, never get to happen. 


I’m sorry to say, if you continue to let stress rule your decisions, you will likely find your momentum slipping because you’re exhausted. Or, even worse, as the stress continues to build, you may fall into depression or become physically ill. 


Let’s put a STOP to this!


As a woman in business, you wear a dozen hats—boss, entrepreneur, wife, mother, sister, aunt, niece, daughter (of elderly parents,) on top of all the elements you need to keep your business functioning: finances, employees, customers, colleagues, inventory, etc

IT'S NO WONDER YOU ARE STRESSED! But stress is not all bad. A little can be a motivator. Yet, prolonged, unremitting stress is dangerous. And that’s where I can help you master your level of stress with ease, as soon as you feel it overtaking you.

You don’t have to go it alone, pretending you’re fine when that is not the truth! My many years of experience addressing my own stress and teaching my clients how to handle theirs can give you the shortcut you need to unlock your Master Switch and revitalize your peace and prosperity!



You’re in the right place if you’re:


 1. not loving your business right now

2. sick of not being heard by your employees or clients

3. stretched to the breaking point and feeling out-of-control

4. feeling like your life is a shadow of the dreams you imagined.


Let’s DO something about that! You deserve to enjoy an amazing life.

Your business should support 

your lifestyle

To be affluent, adventurous and powerful!

To have a successful, booming business

To feel great about your work and your associates

To have a peaceful and fun home life

A new way of thinking is essential

Recognizing your negative thoughts and releasing them will allow you to make the right decisions for your business which will double, triple, (or more!) your income and improve your relationships.

Your thoughts determine how successful your business is

You just need to REACH INSIDE YOURSELF to uncover the inspired boss lady that you can be! I know this is true, because I’ve seen it happen to the women who are my clients. When they’ve taken the time to slo-o-ow down, following my system, miracles begin to show up in their lives. I want that for you too!

If stress is threatening your business and your personal life, remember this:


1.  Anxiety is not a ‘necessary evil’

2. There is another way to live your life

3. You can take back the power of decision in your mind and say ‘no’ to all the negative self-talk

What stories are swirling around in your head? Things like:


“getting up in the morning is a huge effort”


“things seem to be crumbling around me”


“my stomach is in knots”


“I won't be able to cover payroll soon”


“my people are slacking off”


“I’m working harder and longer”


“my family is angry that I’m not there for them”

Today, I want to share with you

4 transformative tools to release the stress

 that is costing you business

Today could be the day you stop accepting stress as an unavoidable part of every day.


You want to feel good in your body, calm and creative in your mind, and abundant in your business and family life, yes!


Well then, let me introduce you to my online masterclass,

“Releasing Stress for 

The Busy Business Woman”

This Master Class is perfect for you if:


* your business feels like a noose around your neck, dragging you down


* you’re not finding time to have fun and take care of yourself


* your personal life is topsy-turvy and it’s affecting your ability to run your business


* you truly want a feeling of freedom and joy in your daily life--where issues that arise seem simple to correct and your people are cooperative and motivated—


but you’re not sure HOW to get to this place.

This masterclass is for you!

Together we’ll be creating a ripple of transformation in your heart and mind! That’s what I want for you!


Since you are here, you must be a leader and a transformer (those are the clients I attract)


You are needed! Your future customers are waiting for you.


So let’s talk about what it takes to recoup your lost energy, excitement and creative juices for your business (and your life as well!) You will learn 4+ transformative tools that are essential to finding your calm and control so you can flourish and:

Bring out the 

Vibrant Woman Leader in you!

Transformative Tool #1 Preparing


Preparation is EVERYTHING! Getting yourself set up for the day is the greatest gift you can give yourself. In this masterclass, “Releasing Stress for The Busy Business Woman,” you’ll learn how to begin your day with calm and purpose. From the moment you open your eyes, you are setting yourself up for the day. Do it with purpose!

Transformative Tool #2 Tuning in to the Body


Most of us are not in touch with our bodies, so we don’t even know when we are tense or when we are in pain. In this masterclass, you will learn how to tune in to your body so you can care for it properly. When your body feels good, you feel good and good business happens!


I can’t tell you how many people I know who are walking around in pain that they aren’t willing to address. I had one client who was in so much pain, but she had “no time” to deal with it. She just pretended it wasn’t so bad. She’s a writer who sits all day and networks at night. She really needed to be able to write during the day and then have great energy to go out connecting in the professional world. After taking my course, and putting into practice what she learned, she felt like a different person. She took the steps needed so she could be productive all day and still have a ton of energy to meet prospective readers in the evening. This enhanced her book sales and speaking engagements. To say she was thrilled would be an understatement.

Transformative Tool #3 Tuning in to the Mind


Know exactly how to stop the sense of doom, where you’re feeling overwhelmed with your heart racing-- on the spot-- no matter where you are or what’s going on. (You’ll learn to do this first thing in the morning and then use it again all through the day!)


I was working with a woman who was running a nursing unit in a hospital. She was managing a floor of different nurses. She had a family at home and an elderly, failing mother to care for. Her stress level was sky high. She was putting out fires because the nurses weren’t getting along. She was a very practical person, so she didn’t know if my methods would work for her, but she was at her wits end, so she gave it a try. After working with me and using my techniques for calming her mind and body, she was able to slow herself down so she could make a sound plan. This gave her confidence to handle what felt like an impossible situation. She found solutions to the relationship conflicts and the whole atmosphere changed. The staff really loved all the ideas she was bringing to the table. She felt empowered and useful once more.

Transformative Tool #4 Tuning in to Your Self


Once you have taken care of the body/brain needs, you will reach the pearl of the program---the deep dive into the secret place where all truth and knowledge reside. Here you will find your ‘Master Switch’ beneath the everyday mundane thoughts of your ego. Here you will uncover your calm and creative thoughts, spurring you on to your business and personal success.

“I have known MarciaGrace for a long time and when I first met her, she had the "Law of Attraction". I was immediately drawn to her. She has always been a wise, calming, compassionate and positive influence on me. Her meditations and workshops will give you a sense of peace and tranquilty but won't put you to sleep! You'll feel happier and have a can-do attitude from her teachings.”

Sue Glenn, Diverse Marketing and Web Design


In my program,


“Releasing Stress for 

The Busy Business Woman,”

You’ll learn how to start each day incorporating vitality, abundance and connectedness in your thoughts and watch the miracles unfold! You’ll feel confident, in control and excited to start the day.


Everything a thriving businesswoman does begins with clear thinking, and that begins with a calm, steady body and mind.


With presence of mind, you will lead with confidence, have more time with your family, resolve issues with your employees with ease, and do more and better business because you’ll be able to remain calm when boulders appear in your path. You’ll be able to take your business to the next level because you won’t have to be continually blowing out those non-extinguishing candles.


In my “Releasing Stress” Masterclass,


 * You’ll regain the joy of self-nurturing. By making your body your friend, you are creating an ally to help you achieve your financial and relationship goals!


 * When problems arise, you want the tool that gives you the self-assurance that you can handle whatever comes your way with calm and creativity. Then you will address all inconveniences like the vibrant woman you are - and business is going to boom!


 * You’ll learn to stretch your mind and go beyond your normal way of seeing people and situations so you can expand your mental clarity and get stuff done!


I want you to know, you CAN have it all (and yes, there’s a little effort involved)!


You don’t have to sacrifice your peace of mind to grow your business and help more people. Stress will in fact, prevent you from taking your business to the next level so you can make more money and be of greater service.


If you want to get your ‘game’ feet back on track, release the stress that is clouding your mental clarity, and allow your body to become your friend again, click here


P.S. My first graduates have told me that they have seen immense improvement, not only in their business, but even better, in their personal lives. They are having fun with their families once again!         


"MarciaGrace has successfully taught me how to meditate. Big gift for my life and can be for yours! Call her!!" 

Sheila Skolnick, Success Strategies Group, Long Island and Florida

“MarciaGrace has amazing tools to help you let go of guilt and move your life to a more fulfilling, anxiety-free place. She's got a great heart, and wonderful insights. I recommend her!”

Tamra Richardt, Naples, Fl


The next masterclass is scheduled for March. There are only 7 seats in the class so if you are interested in being on the waitlist, click here.



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